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Business Development

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Business Development

Business development is a broad term that encapsulates all of your company’s processes that grow your business.

The first area of your business that LifeStages will examine is your brand & brand awareness. What’s your mission & market share? Businesses need to understand their brand & why they’re in business. Market share will let you know where you stand with your competitors & how to gain a competitive edge.

At LifeStages we focus on who your customers are & how to get them. When we meet with customers we’ll discuss different industries & ideal prospects then build out different lists creating target markets.

When we have discovered who your ideal customers are we will create custom processes through your CRM, direct outreach, emails, & our Media Services to generate leads & sales.

We will sit down and discuss all your business processes to determine where we can align your business objectives to match your business goals.

CRM & Database

At LifeStages we believe that a companies CRM or database is the cornerstone to running a business efficiently.

CRM stands for customer relationship management & helps organize information and communication with current and potential customers.

While a CRM organizes information for the lifecycle of a current / potential customer it also creates & tracks sales processes for your sales pipeline.

By having up-to-date records for all contacts, organizations & sales activities CRM’s provide a one stop shop to pull real analytics from your day to day operations to make educated business decisions.

LifeStages will examine what CRM works best for your business or integrate your Current CRM with your sales & marketing processes.

Customer Experience

Today companies are pouring more resources than ever before into building a strong customer experience in fact many expect to soon compete on experience.

Customer experience is the total journey of a customers interactions with your brand. In reality the customer experience is your branding. Customer experience includes all touch points with your customer.

Recent studies show customer experience will overtake price & product. This will be the number one brand differentiator by 2020.

Do you have a clear customer experience Vision Strategy?

Do you understand who your customers are?

Do you capture customer feed back in real time?

Do you have a team development program for all members that have any type of customer contact?

If your answer is no or I don’t know maybe we can help!

If you want your customers to stay loyal you have to invest in their experiences


LifeStages Consulting Services