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How Social media marketing drives organic leads

With Facebook being the number 1 way to reach potential customers and social media having exponential reach are you using digital media properly?

When marketing to potential customers through social media platforms the most important thing to identify is what are your goals?
Sounds like an easy question right?

Most companies’ goals are to increase leads, appointments, sales /revenues. While this is right long-term, visibility & engagement are the first steps.

Ideally you’ll post articles on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform and potential customers will read your posts and contact you. (If only it was that easy)

While posting on social media gives you tremendous reach to new customers. Only posting on social media can limit your opportunity to generate leads and is still reactive. Not until you create an entire process (shown later in this article) are you utilizing social media to its full potential. By tracking visitors & following up you are able to be proactive in your lead generation process.
Visibility & engagement is the starting point that turns cold leads into warm leads.

Good social media posts should drive potential customers to your website, where they can gain more insight to your products or services.
Once you drive traffic to your website find ways to track your visitors & set up processes to follow up with all visitors to your site. There are many different ways to track visitors for little or no cost. Once you’ve tracked visitors to your site follow up with direct outreach, send an introduction email or phone call.

You know the individual that responded to your social media post was interested to read the article/blog/advertisement then visit your website to learn more about your products or services, so strike while the irons hot. Follow up to see if they have any questions or would be interested in scheduling an appointment to learn more.

If potential customers are researching your company, they are probably looking at your competitors as well. A timely follow up could make all the difference.

Here’s an easy process flow that summarizes how social media can increase business:
• Social media marketing drives Engagement / Visibility.
• Engagement / Visibility drive traffic to your website.
• Track visitors to your site & follow up with direct outreach.
• Direct Outreach follows up on the warm lead to generate more appointments & sales.

Ps. not only are you creating an organic lead generation process your building credibility with potential customers.

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